Digital. Sustainable. Agile.

Drive your Sales
to the next level.

Digital. Sustainable. Agile.

Drive your Sales to the next level.

Digital opportunities
for new growth in
B2B sales.

Are you prepared for the future of sales? The new B2B sales reality is faster, more customer-centric and above all: not only analogue, but increasingly digital. On the one hand, this means significant changes in the processes and tool & tracking landscape of your entire go-to-market organization. On the other hand, adaptations in the workflow and skills of your sales team become crucial. Under the holistic approach of Next Level Sales, Winsales offers you a customized overall package to seize the new growth opportunities of digitalization now. Through sales consulting, coaching and change management, we help you to realign your business.

We inspire you with sustainable digital sales strategies and ensure that they are implemented – by effectively empowering and motivating your sales team!

The foundation of our


Strategy consulting tailored to your needs & challenges of the new sales reality – consistently digital, efficient, customer-oriented, and reliably integrable.


Precise and practical transfer of key expertise in online sales for your sales teams – tailored & highly individual.


Establishing sustainable structures – from cultural change to the implementation of effective tools.

Your chances.


Optimization of processes in Marketing & Salespeople

Increased productivity & efficiency of your sales force
Higher customer centricity & customer satisfaction
More transparency & improved controlling
Saving travel costs
The NLS Accelerator Program

Your path to the
next level.

Winsales stands for a holistic approach to the digitalization of sales. The Next Level Sales program represents our concept for success. It combines our 3C core competencies — Consulting, Coaching und Change — which are essential for a successful transformation to a more digital sales organization.

Significant value increase
through Next Level Sales.

Up to +45%

Increase of closing rate1

Up to +50%

Increase of
customer contact rate2

Up to +60%

Increase of
turnover per sales rep3

Up to 100%

Increase of
conversion rates
along the
sales funnel4

1. Bain & Company
2. Schmitz/Huckemann (2021), Hybrid Selling: Mehr Vertriebsproduktivität durch synchronisierte Vor Ort und Online Besuche
3. & 4. Winsales Projekterfahrung.

CO2 Tracker

Thanks to a reduction in personal visits and a simultaneous increase in online meetings, 2.9 tons of CO₂ are saved per sales rep per year. This corresponds to 233 beech trees per year.


trained salespeople


tons of CO₂ saved


rescued beeches

* Schmitz/Ergun (2021), SMD calculation based on 1 Audi (2021), 2 Statistisches Landesamt Baden-Württemberg (2021), 3 calculation based on 100 sales representatives; change depending on baseline emissions of 492 t at 100% on-site visits, 4 CO2 Online (2021).

The NLS Status Check

Test the status of your sales organization digitization now for free and without obligation

We have awakened your interest and you would like to find out how Next Level Sales (NLS) fits into your company?

In our NLS Status Check, we determine the level of digitization your sales department is at and what potentials are available. Afterwards, we can discuss the findings in an initial, non-binding meeting and put together an individual consultation for you.

Take your time, it’s worth it!

Start status check for free
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Our experience
– Your success.

“Winsales has helped us breaking paradigms and show everyone that the supposedly impossible is not impossible – especially in a very conservative industry like ours.”
Steffen Siebert, Managing Director
Rothenberger Deutschland GmbH
“Very individual, personal feedback, which was tailored to us. I particularly liked the efficiency and technical training as well as the individual 1:1 coaching.”
Konstantin Kortmann, Head of Leasing
Agency Germany JLL
“Weaknesses & problems became development potential – challenges became opportunities. We would not have managed our transformation into hybrid sales without Winsales.”
Heike Seltmann, Group Director Sales
CWS International GmbH
“Winsales supports PICUS CAPITAL with professional and specific hands-on training. The wide range of topics offers the optimal preparation for every trend, challenge or necessary skill of today.”
Lucia Paskert, Head of HR
Picus Capital GmbH
“We had a goal-oriented workshop, without any unnecessary theory talk. Sales consulting to the point. Exactly what we needed as a growing start-up.”
Benjamin Schwarz, Managing Director
doQtor GmbH
“As Head of Product at think-cell, I place particular emphasis on customer centricity – from the development of our solutions to sales and beyond.”
Robin Jung, Head of Product

We advise you.

Our experts support you in
your individual transformation.
Christopher Held, CEO & Managing Director

We advise you.

Our experts support you in your individual transformation.
Christopher Held, CEO & Managing Director