Chris in the Spotlight
Chris in the Spotlight

Chris, founder and CEO of Winsales, tells us 3 things he can’t work without and how he likes to start the weekend. If you still need expert knowledge on the subject of sleep, Chris will have a lot to tell you. Here’s a little insight:

  1. Good sleep

Good sleep needs to be learned. I always “annoy” my friends and colleagues with endless sleep tips. Whether it’s the anchor time to get up, the sleep rhythms of 90 minutes after which I go to bed or when and what to eat before going to bed. One answer I always get is that after my book “Next Level Sales”, I should write a book about “Next Level Sleep”. Either way, a balanced sleep of 7.5 hours helps me to get the most out of my day.

  1. Sports in the morning

I prefer to supplement my sleep with a nice sports session in the morning. Not in the evening (see point 1, at least not less than 3 hours before bedtime). It doesn’t matter whether it’s road cycling, running or yoga. The main thing is exercise and balance before the start of an intense working day. This stimulates my circulation and clears my head.

  1. Without distractions

The biggest time wasters in my everyday life were distractions from my mobile or laptop. Every email that popped up at the bottom right was immediately clicked on. Every push notification on my smartphone that vibrated took me out of focus. It took insane concentration time away from me. As a result, I turned off all notifications and now focus on what’s important. Tasks that used to take me 2 days in some cases, I now manage in 4h. Of course, I am always available for urgent issues of our employees or for private matters.

This is my favourite way to start the weekend

With friends and preferably with a cool beer in my hand on a terrace or in the countryside. As a child of the Ruhr area, I had my difficulties finding a good pilsner in Munich. But after 8 wonderful years in the state capital, I can say that they brew well here in Bavaria, too.

What is important to me, especially at the weekend, are good discussions and conversations without a focus on business, as well as the (sporting) planning of the weekend in the mountains.