Add-On Trainings for
successful sales


Add-On Trainings for successful sales

Do you have specific topics you would like to address? In our selection of add-on trainings, we offer you the opportunity to gain further competencies. From technical training on PowerBI to social selling, project management or soft skills training – we offer a whole range of state of the art trainings, exactly for your needs.

Add On

PowerBI Basics

Create and monitor reporting dashboards (8 training sessions)

PowerBI operation and functions
Preparing and transforming data
Develop and professionalise data models
Interactive creation of personalised dashboards

Storylining & Storytelling

Present convincingly and in a target group-oriented way

Creating presentations that are appropriate for the target group
Conveying structured and concise messages
Create visually appealing slides
Use numbers in a targeted and understandable way

Project Management Basics

Manage projects effectively e2e

Creation of project plans
Successful project scoping and project control
Tracking and control mechanisms
Project end and handover

Sales Navigator

Find the right customers and get exciting insights

Understanding the possibilities and applications of Sales Navigator
Obtain targeted information on customers and prospects
Contact potential customers in a GSDVO-compliant manner
Build lead and account plans

Social selling

Using social media as a new platform for success

Understanding social media as a sales channel
Building social media profiles optimally
Share relevant content and build followers
Build and strengthen customer relationships digitally

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

Understanding oneself and others better

Building rapport with clients
Uncovering and consciously using language models
Putting statements in the right context
Questioning behaviour and attitudes

Negotiating skills

Winning on the closing line

Difference between selling and negotiating
Using discounts and customised concessions in a targeted way
Saying no: when it is appropriate
Closing methods

Conflict skills

Conflict management as a key element for good leadership

Definition of conflicts
Reactions to conflicts
The path to becoming a conflict-ready person
Conducting conflict and feedback discussions correctly

Mental Load

Successful task management without being exhausted

The emergence of Mental Load
Different types of mental load
Coping with stressful situations
Prevention of overload

Social Media

Apply sales know-how in digital channels

Benefits of social media in B2B
Create interesting content and generate engagement
Understanding the specifics of the main networks
Legal basics

Efficient area planning

Maximum benefit through optimised route planning

Reasons for efficient area planning
Different planning methods
App-based techniques
Strategies for short-term planning adaptation

Gamification in Sales

Easily motivate through play

Introduction to gamification
Insight into motivational factors
Types & dynamics of gamification
Integration of gamification in sales processes

Your potential:

Individually bookable trainings on specific needs

New competences for your employees on current topics
First-class training and exercise material

We advise you.

Our experts support you in
your individual transformation.
Christopher Held, CEO & Managing Director

We advise you.

Our experts support you in your individual transformation.
Christopher Held, CEO & Managing Director