Digital Sales Consulting

Strategy consulting,
that suits you.

Digital Sales Consulting

Strategy consulting, that suits you.

A hybrid, digital sales approach also challenges processes and organizations across the go-to-market approach. Every company needs a unique system to optimally leverage digital growth potential. Together with you, we develop customized strategies that make your sales processes more efficient, break through silos and significantly increase the effectiveness of your sales operations.


Sales op / go-to-market Model

Holistic status quo analysis and optimization of your go-to-market / sales op model

We review the effectiveness and efficiency of your entire sales / go-to-market organization and together we develop an optimized model blueprint. Of course, we also ensure its successful introduction. We align your structures, teams, handshakes and interfaces with the new needs of your customers, who can look forward to a new customer experience.

Sales / go-to-market Processes

E2E Review of sales and go-to-market processes

After a detailed stocktaking, we identify current inefficiencies and development potential in the process between inbound lead generation to after sales and beyond. We identify what often takes up too much of your salespeople’s time over the years and distracts them from revenue-relevant activities.

Sales pipeline management (lead time management)

Maturity check of the sales funnel from lead receipt to closure

We shorten your lead time by enabling your team to handle more customers in less time. We also identify additional up- and cross-selling opportunities that can be addressed directly during the first call.

Sales Tools / CRM

Evaluation, selection & implementation support of the right systems

We help you select the right systems and sales enablement tools and support (also in the training/coaching area) their successful introduction. We enable teams (beyond sales) to learn the new software and use it permanently, so that data-driven control and decision-making finally become possible.

Digital Marketing / Inbound Lead Generation

Development of new digital marketing strategies

A successful digital / hybrid sales approach depends on effective digital lead sources. Together with your marketing organization, we identify these appropriate digital marketing strategies and measures that fit your customers and your industry. Due to that, we increase the number of inbound leads that your salespeople only need to bring across the goal line.

Incentive schemes

Evaluation and optimization of the current sales incentive system

We work with you to develop incentive models for your salespeople that are in line with the (new) business objectives and aligned with related departments. Through our experience and expertise in sales management and sales, we recommend the most suitable incentive system for your company.

Your potential:

Improved lead generation
Faster processing of incoming leads
Increase NPS & Conversion Rates
Shortening the entire sales cycle
Reduction of time killers that are not relevant to turnover
Motivated teams with structured goals in line with the company’s objectives
Higher adaptation and utilisation rate of newly introduced programs

We advise you.

Our experts support you in
your individual transformation.
Christopher Held, CEO & Managing Director

We advise you.

Our experts support you in your individual transformation.
Christopher Held, CEO & Managing Director