Change Management in Sales

We create new
structures – and a
new team spirit.

Change Management in Sales

We create new structures – and a new team spirit.

Digitalization changes your sales organization. We take over the change management with a lot of tact, structure, and security. We respond individually to your sales team, their managers and related departments and take everyone with us on the journey to Next Level Sales.


Change Communication

Accompanying communication strategy & design in the change process

Transparent communication is essential for successful change management. Whether town halls, workshops, group meetings or individual discussions – we offer you the right communication. In doing so, we steer moods, fears and resistance in the right direction and generate enthusiasm for change. We create security and transparency for all organizational levels and make results clearly visible.


Setting up hybrid daily and weekly structures

Based on current study data, your internal activity data as well as interviews with your sales management, we define a weekly and daily structure adapted to your needs. We determine when the best online and outbound days are and at which times of the day acquisition is most successful. We introduce regular appointments such as check-ins and outs to your teams and fill them with relevant content and exchanges.

Coaching / Training repetition

Repetition of the NLS coaching programme after the introduction

It has been proven that learning only works through repetition. To refresh and manifest what your salespeople have learned, we offer you the opportunity to repeat the coaching sessions according to your desired frequency. With intensive application exercises, advanced courses and additional 1:1 coaching, we go into depth once again.

Leader of the Future

Organization & implementation of workshops for managers

The successful long-term implementation of Next Level Sales stands and falls with your sales managers. They have the responsible task of keeping Next Level Sales alive in their teams through relevant content, data-driven control and motivation for the newly introduced way of working. To clearly define and fulfill the new role of the manager, our workshop series on “Next Level Manager” has proven to be a successful concept. Our goal-oriented organization and moderation of the workshops gives you and your sales managers a clear view of the new requirements and goals as well as the way to achieve them.


Audits in your teams after the NLS introduction after three and nine months

After the introduction of Next Level Sales, quality assurance is indispensable for the successful adherence to the set structures. For an objective assessment of the NLS continuation in your teams, we offer you the possibility to conduct corresponding audits. We visit your teams for regular appointments and accompany your sales managers for a set period in order to uncover development potential and find solutions.

Onboarding of Newcomers

Coaching / Training for your newly recruited employees: inside

Do you want your newcomers to be prepared for the new sales reality and quickly reach a profitable performance level? We offer you the opportunity to get your new salespeople up to speed as quickly as possible through an NLS Intensive Programme to make them fit for their entry into the company and the hybrid sales world. Our 1:1 coaching sessions also give you a quick insight into the strengths and development potential of your employees.

Change Coachings

Change specific coaching for managers

We live in the digital age of constant change – but the speed and complexity of change is often so high that it overwhelms the organization. Around 50-75% of all change projects fail due to poorly planned implementation. In particular, managers, as the link between the company and its employees, are not adequately prepared.

Our Change Coachings / Trainings educates middle management executives as the core transfer function of change in your company with tools, workshop formats and communication tools.

Your potential:

Buy-in and motivation of all stakeholders
New role definition for existing and future leaders
Successful long-term retention of the established NLS way of working
Manifesting newly learned competences and skills
Fast onboarding of new employees

We advise you.

Our experts support you in
your individual transformation.
Christopher Held, CEO & Managing Director

We advise you.

Our experts support you in your individual transformation.
Christopher Held, CEO & Managing Director