Anna in the Spotlight
Anna in the Spotlight

In our series, we would like to introduce you to our three founders in a short interview. Anna, Jana and Chris founded Winsales together last year in May 2021. Before that, they were active as consultants at BCG (Boston Consulting Group). We now work with renowned clients and are an ambitious team of 9 employees.

3 Things I Can’t Work Without – Anna Held

  1. Coffee

Unfortunately, I can’t do it without coffee in the morning. For me, coffee is not only caffeine, but also a moment of pleasure and my personal “me-time” during the day, which I consciously take. For some unknown reason, I can also work incredibly concentrated in coffee shops – perhaps the smell of coffee in my nose already suggests to me “it’s time to be productive”. It’s perfect with a cappuccino, where the frothed milk is the icing on the cake.

  1. Laptop & Headset

The two essentials of remote working. Laptop opened and headset on your ears, for good sound quality in the meeting and off you go. That’s the beauty of working remotely: you’re always ready to go, wherever you are. But at the same time, you are dependent. Last year my laptop crashed for a day and I felt completely naked and lost – it’s crazy how quickly we get used to things and they become part of us.

  1. Conscious concentration time

Even though I am a super open-minded and extroverted person in my private life and draw my energy primarily from teamwork and customer contact, I need 100% concentration time for myself. Notifications off, phone in work mode, partly out of the wifi and then full speed ahead. This helps me to work through tasks productively and get a lot done. Unbelievable what you can get done in 2-hour blockers vs. letting yourself be taken out over and over again throughout the day. This has also been one of my biggest learnings in the last year – with a growing team and many clients, you think you always have to be available at all times – but at the end of the day, too many things are left undone or only half started. Therefore, actively plan time for concentrated work. At the end of the day, you also feel much better when things on the to-do list are checked off and not just started.

This is my favourite way to start the weekend

Early! – Personally, I try to finish early on Friday. Do a few last things of the week and then it’s off outside. Gladly with an Aperol and friends through the streets of Neukölln or to dance Salsa / Bachata on the Spree, in good weather is an absolute dream!

I always plan the new week on Sunday evening – what is a holy Sunday for others feels so much more relaxed for me personally. It’s better to think about and plan the first things on Sunday evening without getting stressed, instead of having to start the day too abruptly on Monday morning and not knowing what’s coming up. But that’s a type of thing, and at Winsales you are of course free to organize it as you wish.